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Show how the planets affect you, personally. Now, or any date and time you choose. Change in real time as the planets move.

Free Daily Cell Phone Horoscope (In a Text Message)

Till date there is no such system available in the market that could harvest the benefits of these technologies. The system can become highly powerful when combined together. Astrology software, cast horoscopes using your mobile phone and on the cost of SMS.

It is software for making horoscope-using SMS enabled phone. It is one of the most exhaustive astrology software available for mobile phones.

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The software touches two types of customer. One is general public, which is interested, in their daily weekly, monthly and yearly horoscope. There is no SMS service providing personalized horoscope. All the software will work on the same core and will share the same database. Whenever user want to know his horoscope he will just send Command no. The SMS server will reply instantly with horoscope details onto your mobile phones.

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A user can also schedule a daily, weekly, or monthly trigger on SMS server to inform him. Other types of users are Astrologers. Presently the desktop astrology software market has reached its saturation stage, and the mobile astrology software is at dawn. No one ever has thought in that direction. An pproximate estimations says that there will be around 10,00, astrologers in the world, everyone facing the problem of casting the horoscope and horary horoscope Prashna Kundli.

It is very obvious that casting horoscope is very tedious and time-consuming process. Out all of the products are providing solutions for that. The user can know tithi, day, nakshatra, muhurta, planetary positions, bhava positions, personalized predictions, dasha, personalized daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes etc. I can simply finish with answering the unanswered questions of the recent issues in my life. I was weary at first when I got this.

It was just for a little bit of fun to see what generic thing I was supposed to be going through that day or week. But it has been extremely accurate since I got this app over a year ago.

Daily Horoscope: March 31 - Full Moon Alert!

It might not be pinpointing the days that things happen but the week and month and even yearly horoscopes have all been on point. I got my star chart done on a separate cite and now I know all of my signs for the different planets and houses. This app is literally just your sun sign and your Venus sign if you use the compatibility calculator.

I totally recommend this and hope you have fun with it. I love this app! Other horoscope apps make you pay, but this one is free.

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Not only does it give you your horoscope, but other things such as compatibility. I have really liked my time with this app. Sometimes I relate what has happened to me with my horoscope.