Pisces man pisces woman marriage compatibility

Intimate gatherings are more their style, and thus they will probably be introduced by mutual friends. They will both be found standing off to one side trying not to draw attention to themselves. Problems arise when they have to deal with reality. The Pisces man Pisces woman equally are afraid of dealing with difficult issues or circumstances. Neither will want to be the one to reveal uncomfortable truths and thus they will either lie or avoid the discussion altogether.

They think that together they can take on the world, but in the face, their strength is actually based on their shared avoidance of things. The Pisces man Pisces woman friendship will be a fabulous platform to build their relationship on. They will make wonderful companions who will be there for teaching other till the end of time. When they base their relationship on their solid friendship, they can really go the distance.

The Pisces man Pisces woman will find that once they meet, they are able to converse for many hours. They will be so comfortable with each other that they may decide to commit right away. There is an understanding that either this is going to work out fabulously or it simply is not. The Pisces man Pisces woman love compatibility will be reinforced by genuine affection for each other. Their compatibility will slowly diminish with their white lies, which will grow into lying about the big stuff.

It works best when at least one partner is able to attain some form of reality. This is helpful when at least one of them can call a spade a spade. Without the need for deceit or escapism, they are able to share a wonderful Pisces man Pisces woman compatibility. That is until they soar to great heights and crash and burn soon after that. Romance for them is based on their mutual energetic personalities. The Pisces man Pisces woman lovebirds will create a cocoon of fairy-tale proportion. There will be a lot of demonstrative affection between them. They will find themselves rushing home from work to be with each other.

Passion for the Pisces man and Pisces woman is definitely not on the agenda. The Pisces man and Pisces woman are far too grown up to expend energy on such frivolous activities. For Pisces, empathy means being caught up in others' emotions, unable to tell the difference between his own and theirs. Libra perceives the emotions of others as if they were music. Disharmonious energies and conflict jangle on her sensitivities and distress her, but she knows exactly where they come from.

She can discern and judge the balance and truth of any situation while Pisces gets too easily caught up in the current. Their romantic heart is where they meet; she loves his sensitivity and attunement while he appreciates her tact and care for the needs of others.

Both are sensitive, tuned to others needs and feelings, and complement one other well. Because they are both so skilled at sensing the feelings others, they easily adapt to their different styles. Getting along with one another is not a problem, for they both bend over backward, like the polite gophers in the old cartoons , to accede to the other's wishes and needs.

Neither is good at decisions, however, and this is where they run into problems. Libra is famous for her indecisive nature and prefers to play harmonizer and peacemaker.

Pisces Woman Pisces Man Love Compatibility

She hesitates to take the lead in any situation; she must claim her Aries gifts to gain self-determination and the ability to act decisively. Similarly, Pisces must step into the abilities of his own Earth sign, Virgo, to gain discrimination and make appropriate, timely choices. Libra responds to set and setting in lovemaking. She needs to look her best with the right lighting and music to set the mood. For her, sex is a way to express love and commitment, and it can either feed her vanity or threaten her insecurity. In a moment, she might go from yes to no and back again.

Just trying to exit a 3 year relationship.

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

I was driven to accomplish goals and she was always chasing her dreams. Our parents didnt like us being together but we both tried. She admits i tried harder but we couldnt work out because i expected more of her and she expected me to constantly forgive her and look past any mistakes she made. She told me to keep waiting but never made progress in her life and although i told her what needed to be done to make us work, she would never listen.

It got to the point where i felt like a mentor to her. I was astounded at her reasoning. I expected her to reciprocate but it never happened and we became stale. I feel bad because i feel like i could have made us work but i was so drained that she wouldnt reflect my affection that i became really bitter.

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I meet one pieces boy I meet him 1time but he never do any kind of conversation with me he says let relationship finalised usually he says my father visit home same office I should marry him or which sunsign I should marry a good match. I was talking to a pisces man for a few months. We ended up losing touch for a few weeks after that but started back talking. Once we gained touch again, he was basically claiming to be my man. I mean… He never really said it out his own mouth but he acted as if he were. He had been constantly asking me If he could spend a night with me but I denied.

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I accepted. The night I went to his house we got comfortable and ended up having sex I knew it would happen… I kinda wanted it to The next morning we woke up, started our day, kissed each other goodbye and went our separate ways. I ended up spending a night again the next night. We had sex again. We woke up, did a repeat, started our day, kissed eachother goodbye and went our separate ways.

I texted him multiple times and got no reply. I stopped trying after I realized I was being ignored. Should I just move on? Jada You have to understand that just like yourself he is a pisces man, and is complicated just as so. Just as I am a pisces man I can be incredibly indecisive at times.

What has happened to you I have done in a similar fashion. In the way that I have been with a girl for a few days and then stopped.

What I think happened is that he liked you as a person and wanted to see if he liked you romantically. The clue I got from this is when you said you had sex a second time.

Pisces compatibility

If it was just a one time thing it would be different, but the second time said something. The second thing I have to say is in regards to two parts. And my response to that is that every person on this planet is different, and thus we like different things. So you not being good enough is a ridiculous statement to make. Not everybody will like everyone.

Ya feel? The second thing I have to say is in regards to respect. So in short fuck the people who disrespect after the first or second interaction. After the first encounter or maybe even before. I just met an incredibly beautiful pisces woman today and she gives me butterflies just thinking about her. I empathise with you as I was exactly in this situation 9 years ago.

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Due to family pressure, we let go of eachother. Even after so many years, we are not able to forget the love for eachother. Both of us have problems in our marriage and often wished we could rewind time. We have the capability to overcome a person as long as there is another person who will make you feel loved. After all they will always be part of our lives, cause Pisces are very family loving gentle people.

I must warn you, the pain is high, but can be handled. They are each your own. Yours matter as well as hers. If you love someone before unconditionally what really makes it change is your inabilities to communicate. Started dating a pisces man seens january and when we started dating,he told me about hes baby mama in the uk,shes gemini,i never knew he was planning to get married to her december,we were so connected,i love him with all my heart,i always chooses hes happiness first before mine,because am a pisces woman,he told me he has to get married to her because of hes child,but he doesnt love her,which is true,but i feel like dying right now because it hurts so bad,please what should i do.

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Look for a man who really wants you and die for you. Tell him no he should not marry someone he does not love. He made a mistake with that other girl and its hers to deal with than her just putting that on him and making him come back. Stay with him and whatever you do.